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1 per 1,000 hospital deliveries in Iowa to 8

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And he pulled out a rusty old nail. It was difficult to believe they even shared the same DNA.The trim, dusky, Assamese young man, wearing a crisp white shirt, dark blue black pants and polished black shoes and sporting a neatly manicured beard, long pencil thin sideburns and moustache, was nothing like the pictures that have appeared, on and off, of him on television, since the murder investigation began in 2015.Gone was the 10 stone of extra flab he once carried around on him.Gone too were the grubby black T shirts with beer glass and liquor motifs and the scruffy, dishevelled appearance of three years ago.In its place was neat, well mannered, brand new Mekhail Bora.Mekhail, who now works as a steward (he pronounced it “styuward”) in a Guwahati restaurant, told the room later that he shed 60 kilos (10 stone) apparently over the last four months eating mainly boiled vegetables.Indrani’s second born was in the witness box, Monday, giving the first part of his testimony or examination in chief, as Prosecution Witness No 15, for about 90 minutes, articulately recounting the story of his life before CBI Special Judge Jayendra Chandrasen Jagdale.His voice was level, emotionless, his eyes guarded, darting back and forth, as he put forth, mainly in Hindi, the bald details of a tale that was both incredible and gloomy.Of a motherless and fatherless duo of brother and sister.Fear. Contrasts.

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